The Beatles White Album With Original Photos (all) And Poster

The Beatles White Album With Original Photos (all) And Poster
The Beatles White Album With Original Photos (all) And Poster
The Beatles White Album With Original Photos (all) And Poster
The Beatles White Album With Original Photos (all) And Poster
The Beatles White Album With Original Photos (all) And Poster

The Beatles White Album With Original Photos (all) And Poster


THE FRONT OF THE COVER HAS THE BEATLES EMBOSSED IN RAISED BLOCK LETTERS. SOME WEAR ALONG THE EDGES AND A SMALL AMOUNT OF SPOT STAINING (SEE PICTURES). THE INNER SLEEVES ARE ORIGINALS. NM (New Mint) - Opened but does not appear played, Cover is in shrink or has no creases or edge wear. VG+ (Very Good Plus) - Some signs of light use, surface marks are cosmetic.

Cover may show some edge, spine wear, potentially very light ring wear. VG (Very Good) - Light static consistently heard under songs or in intros/fades, may have heavy cosmetic marks. Cover shows edge wear, spine wear, creases or bends. May heavy very minimal writing on front/back. Extensive cosmetic marks, may cover entire record. Covers show signs of heavy use, may be taped, have extensive writing or extensive creasing. 45RPMS (7) - All ratings same as above with the addition of Picture Sleeve ratings (PS-Picture Sleeve, CS-Company Sleeve, GS-Generic Sleeve).

May have been played but it has been handled carefully. (VG+) A few minor scuffs and scratches. Booklet slight wear, marks, indentations, may possibly have a cut-out hole or similar. (VG) - Quite a few light scruffs, scratches - more pronounced scratches.

Booklet may have slight fading, a small tear, rip or some writing. (G/G+) There are a lot of scuffs and scratches but no playing problems. However it will still play through without problems.

This has not been handled with much care at all. Booklet is well worn, marked, more obvious indentations, fading and writing than a VG. Possibly a more significant tear or rip.

Jewel Cases NOT graded as they can be replaced. Tape is likely new, free of any wear or damage.

(VG+) Light use, Sleeve has slight wear, marks, indentations, and/or may possibly have a cut-out hole (or similar). Should play cleanly with minimal noise or degradation. (VG) May have slight fading, a small tear/rip, or some writing. Shell may have more wear than VG+ including plastic discoloration. Some stronger hiss or degradation, but not enough to overpower music. (G) Sleeve will be well worn, marked, and contain obvious indentations, fading, and/or writing, more so than a VG grade - possibly a more significant tear/rip. Will have heavy wear on shell.

Felt stopper may be missing. Tape may have minor creasing, but not broken. Must play through, may have heavier degradation that will overpower music.

(M) Most covers do not have this Grading. (NM) -These are covers which are nearly perfect. May be still in open shrink which completely covers the sleeve. Will not have wear along open edge of sleeve.

(VG+)-These are covers which may or may not be shrink, will have edge wear along openings. May have some spot staining. (VG) - These covers are in addition to VG+ shape but have more staining, ring wear, writing, slight tear or residue (such as a price stickers) and may have partial splits in the edges, usually taped. (G/G+) - These covers usually have fully split edges that often times have had to be completely taped, stains may cover a good portion of the sleeve, may have some writing, price tag residue. (P/F) - These are covers have a lot of wear, may be split, taped, some writing.

Most Poor album covers are not saleable. Ot play-tested; surface defects will be stated in product descriptions. No set grading scale, defects will be stated in product descriptions. What is your Testing Process? We use a three point testing process - Clean, Visually Grade, Play-Test. Larger collections may only be visually tested until sale. Allow 1 day for play-testing larger collections. We always state either Play-Tested, Visual Tested or Spot Tested.

How do you Clean your Records? We use a ultra-sonic cleaning machine using a solution specific for vinyl with a follow up use of a Microfiber towel. Surface marks are light surface scratch marks or smudge marks that cannot be felt by the finger, does not include deep groove marks.

What is the difference between a "Reissue" and "First Pressing/Original Pressing". First Press/Original Press - An original pressing typically refers to a vinyl record that was made from the initial batch of lacquers in the production process and cut from the original master recordings. These are the definitive editions and best sounding records. Reissue - A reissue pressing is a record that has been re-released, usually a while after the album was originally produced. The original back of lacquers may or may not be used and usually involves a change in some form redesigned label, colored vinyl, etc. These are more plentiful but oftentimes lose the richness and quality of the original pressing and in some cases are even recordings from another media (such as a CD). Are Pictures Actual or Stock? Pictures are actual not stock. They are part of the description of your item. Generic Record Covers are as pictured, not graded. Usually media is VG+ or better, often reduced pricing.

Do you Grade Inner Sleeves? No, however original, known inner sleeves will be stated. If not original we will include the inner sleeve as we received it, even if has minor wear.

We strive to preserve the actual record and sleeves exactly as received. Extremely torn, damaged or no inner sleeve will be given our generic inner sleeves. Some inner sleeves may have taped on edges to ensure the record does not fall out.

Do you Sell Covers Only? We strongly support recycling whenever we can!

We strongly encourage you to register as a "Watcher" so you can be updated when we update our database! We reserve the right to block buyers who do not pay within the allotted time. We work closely with our customers to consolidate products into minimal packages. Albums are placed in plastic sleeves which are resealable.

We started our venture with only two of us, scouring garage sales, flea markets and estate sales to find vintage, unique media. Both of us driven by memories of favorite times from our childhood years - remembering days gone by, favorite songs that made us laugh, sigh in attraction, maybe party a little too much, dance a little too much or even cry a little too much.

We began to wonder as we made these discoveries, how many other people had those same special memories when times in their lives were just "different". How many of us were there that wanted to pass along a piece of those memories to their children or even grandchildren!

Sure, we knew Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora were readily available but songs on tangible media were different. They were the artist belting out their music in raw form or they were special collections of multiple artists that were not easily matched simply by creating play-lists! Or alas, they were live recordings from a concert-reminding us how the songs were played, how they brought us a great feeling of excitement when the first note was struck or the first electric guitar hit the stage, electronics lighting up the darkened arena! We have grown to now house over 2,000 pieces of media, everything from 8-Tracks to Vinyl! Our collections have grown to cross multiple eras and genres! We have developed proven processes and grading standards that have become more and more precise over the years. As we close - we want to express our sincerest "thank you" for passing by and taking a look at our shop.

We hope you have found something in our inventory that has brought back those special memories of days gone by when life was just "different". JETHRO TULL AQUALUNG VINYL RECORD 2 LOT PLAY TESTED VG+! Three Dog Night Records Cyan American Pastime Golden Bisquits + More - 4 LOT! THE BEATLES: A HARD DAY'S NIGHT - ORIGINAL PRESSING - PLAY-TESTED-VG++! The Beatles - Introducing the Beatles RARE!

The Beatles White Album With Original Photos (all) And Poster

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